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  • About This Event

    Gearing up for Small Business Saturday, join us for an evening with some of New York's legendary small business rule breakers, creators and innovators to find out how they developed their product or brand, but most importantly how do they make it in New York City.

    Each speaker will share their tips on how to create a unique product, service or brand that's pushing the boundaries of what we all thought was possible or one that is just downright good for New York.

    What's on the menu?

    • Talks and a panel discussion with local businesses
    • Brews on the good folk at GA
  • Insurance Advice for Startups

    Insurance is an important but often misunderstood investment for your startup. There’s a wide variety of insurance that can protect your company and your employees — like general liability, workers comp, property, and cyber.

    With the variety of areas you can be covered, it can be hard to know what your startup needs. To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Sam Hodges, Co-founder and CEO of Vouch Insurance, an insurance company serving early stage startups with proprietary insurance products and risk assessment tools.

    Vouch has raised over $70 million in venture capital from investors like Silicon Valley Bank, Y Combinator, Ribbit Capital, and Index Ventures.

    Join us as we dive into Sam’s experience building Vouch, his advice to founders about business insurance, and more!

  • Creating powerful offline experiences is important to capture the imaginations of your audience. It allows you to amplify your brand, organise your user base, and impact real people in the real world.

    So how do you create event hype and create an energy-filled event, full of the right people? How do you craft creative marketing strategies to maximize your impact?

    Hear from our panel of event experts and industry gurus about:

      • What it takes to create an amazing event experience
      • How to generate a media buzz and social hype to make your event go viral, before during and after an event
      • How to engage your audience and fill your event to capacity

    This event is perfect for anyone looking to get more out of the events they are planning, whether it be a small networking event, a conference or a large festival.

  • Nigeria Tech summit 2020

    Nigeria Tech Summit is the 2nd largest tech conference in west africa attracting leading investors and delegates from around the world. The multi-year program will take place annually until 2030 to align with the sustainable development goals.

    Drawing thousands of the world's technology leaders together to learn and do business in Nigeria.

    Join heads of states, pioneers, business moguls, media influencers and cultural activists for a day of full activations during the Nigeria Tech Summit celebration.

    focus on the three pillars of ecosystem development- Entrepreneurship, Employment, and Education.


  • As an early-stage founder, one of the most important roles and skills you’ll need to develop is sales.

    Without a thoughtful approach to your sales plan and process, you’ll find it hard to engage your prospects, build your pipeline, and hire a sales team.

    These are all rings on the ladder to help you reach increasing revenue goals, so that one day you’ll find yourself doing millions in ARR after starting at zero.

    To dive into ways you can go from your first sales, to your first 10, to 100, we’re excited to chat with Scott Sambucci, Founder & CEO of SalesQualia, a sales coaching company that helps B2B startups grow sales faster.

    Join us as we discuss ways you get your first $1 million in sales as an early-stage B2B startup, with plenty of time for audience questions as well!

  • User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most trusted and influential content marketers and founders can get. Customers trust recommendations from their peers more than they do from ads, meaning that a well thought out UGC strategy can be much more cost-effective than other paid social campaigns.

    But as a founder, how do you build your social media strategy and build a product that makes people want to share it online? What are ways you can encourage people to share your product?

    To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Danielle Sobel, Founder & CEO of Dandy, a DTC pet wellness brand.

    We’re going to dive into:

    • Why a good social media & UGC strategy is important and how to use it

    • Key metrics to track

    • Tips to encourage your audiences to create more UGC about your brand

    • How to build an effective social media & UGC strategy

  • Founder Spotlights presented by Grasshopper Bank & NY Tech Alliance

    • Wednesday, December 02, 2020 at 12:00 PM


    Join us for this virtual event series created by NY Tech Alliance and Grasshopper Bank as we spotlight founders and leaders that are adapting their businesses to make it work during this time of so much uncertainty. We ask them to share practical knowledge, tools and guidance that we hope will answer many of your questions and provide a bit of inspiration.

    The conversations will be facilitated by Micah Baldwin, Early Stage Practice, Grasshopper Bank.



    This month, we will be spotlighting Regina Gwynn, CEO & Co-founder, TresseNoire

    About Regina Gwynn:

    Regina Gwynn is the Co-Founder & CEO of TresseNoire, Beauty Tech Startup that empowers women of color to celebrate their textured hair with a personalized beauty routine that works. Its virtual beauty coach takes the guesswork out of finding the right natural hair products & services by matching your individual hair profile to a beauty regimen designed by experts (so you can get the best twist out or the perfect wash n go style the first time, every time!) Since its launch in 2014, TresseNoire has been featured in Black Enterprise, Essence, Elle, Google, Madame Noire & ABC News as well as styled celebrities including Soledad O’Brien, Mikki Taylor, Lion Babe, Jamele Hill and more. Regina has been named to the 100 Most Powerful Women by Entrepreneur Magazine and Top Ten Women in Tech by Essence Magazine.

    Regina is also the Co-Creator of Black Women Talk Tech, the largest membership organization of black women tech entrepreneurs and the only conference designed for that community. This collective has a unique understanding of the challenges faced in the technology ecosystem, but also of the advantages they can bring. Its mission is to identify, support and encourage black women to build the next billion-dollar business.

    Regina started her career in the Product Development Executive Training program at Federated Department Stores (now Macy’s Inc.), and successfully launched several exclusive brands during her tenure. After graduating from the Kellogg School of Management with her MBA, Regina was a management consultant with the Monitor Group (now Monitor/Deloitte Consulting) and worked with clients within the beauty, media and healthcare industries. She was then tapped to lead marketing at The Apparel Group, where she built the department from scratch and launched the company’s first eCommerce site for its signature brand, Foxcroft Collection.

    Regina loves to travel, dance and watch football (Go Giants?!). She’s on the Cabinet for Black Entrepreneurship for the City of New York, and a former Board Member of BRAG, a nonprofit for diverse retail professionals & Rising Tide Capital, an entrepreneur development program based in Jersey City, NJ.

    “A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous.” – Coco Chanel


    About Micah Baldwin:

    Micah currently works in the Early Stage Practice at Grasshopper Bank, the first digital commercial bank focused on supporting founders and venture funds. As a long time executive coach and investor, he advises several startups and funds, including Tuesday Ventures, an SF-based early-stage venture firm.

    Previously, he founded Create33, a 22,000 sq ft innovation center for the Pacific Northwest that provides resources and access to founders to help fuel their growth. He spent 3.5 years at Amazon working with founders and designing programs to help them find customers. Prior to that, he founded or was early at several companies.

    About NY Tech Alliance:

    A member-based non-profit with a mission to foster the technology community and ecosystem in New York City, with the goal of creating a better future for all. Representation, inspiration, support, and leadership are the qualities we focus on in order to reach this goal. Connect with us today at!

    About Grasshopper Bank:

    Grasshopper is a digital bank serving founders, their companies, and the investors supporting them across the innovation economy. We make banking simple, secure, effortless and transparent. Learn more at

  • Startups new and old are trying to figure out an excellent social media strategy that will help them with sales, customer acquisition, and brand awareness.

    But with ever-changing algorithms and platforms, getting to your first thousands of followers or growing your brand on a crowded channel can seem daunting.

    And as a founder or marketer at an early-stage startup, it may be hard to dedicate time and resources planning your social media content.

    To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Kate Bradley Chernis is the Founder & CEO of Lately, a social media tool that uses AI to automatically transform longform content like blogs, podcasts and videos into dozens of “smart” social posts.

    We’ll discuss how you can make the most of your content and social media, and the type of content that people engage with the most.

  • Fireside Chat Webinar w/ Chief Responsibility Officer of Televerde

    • Thursday, December 03, 2020 at 05:30 PM
    • Online Webinar in Virtual, NY

    Please join us for a Fireside Chat Webinar with Chief Responsibility Officer at Televerde on Thursday, December 3rd @ 5:30pm.

    Since its inception in 1994, Televerde has helped global B2B organizations generate demand and accelerate sales through a combination of strategic data solutions, marketing technology and highly skilled sales professionals.

    The purpose-driven company provides education and career opportunities for incarcerated women both while in prison and after release. With its business model, Televerde has generated more than $8 billion in revenue for its clients.

  • Startups have realized that design is a key differentiator for their products and a source of competitive advantage.

    The titans like Atlassian, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, prioritize design. So they hire worldclass designers and even acquire design agencies.

    Those aren’t luxuries most early stage startups can afford. So how should an early-stage entrepreneur think about design during the early days? Where should it be on the priority list? What design principles, tips and even hacks can help entrepreneurs produce excellent and even sustainable early versions of brand, product, experience and marketing?

    We’re excited to dive into this with Brendan Mahony, Co-founder & CEO of Contrast, a design tool that connects your code to your designs, making your handoff process easier. Contrast is a Y Combinator S18 alumni.

    Join us as we dive into:

    • Important design principles

    • Form vs. function when it comes to designing

    • How to create a design strategy

    • Useful tools and resources

    • Ways to ensure a good design to development handoff