The Mobile Media Onslaught

How to survive and profit from the rapid proliferation of mobile media devices.

Wednesday May 16, 2012, 6:00 PM
750 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10017
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Fee: Free for NYTECH members and sponsors. $20.00 for non-members.

Forget about the simplicity of cord-cutting. The rise of mobile devices has led to a flood of media and social networking content that makes cable’s 500 channels seem quaint. Access to real time news, periodical literature, mobile video, time shifted content, new music releases, podcasts, RSS news, streaming video, app updates… the list of potential media sources is growing longer every month. And that’s not even counting the time spent on social networks. With mobile as the new frontier, traditional media companies and young upstarts are now vying for our attention and loyalty.

What does this mean for your media strategies? What does this mean for your customers? What will you suggest for your clients? What will you watch tonight?

This panel discussion will bring together media and content professionals to discuss what mobile means for media today and in the future. We’ll help you figure out a useful direction for your mobile strategies and design. And hopefully, we’ll help you avoid drowning under the tsunami of mobile media.


Devindra Hardawar Devindra Hardawar, National Editor, VentureBeat - Devindra Hardawar is the National Editor of VentureBeat. He focuses on mobile innovation, consumer tech, media, and anything particularly cool. He also runs a film podcast at, and a technology podcast at

Khoi Vinh, Co-founder, Mixel - Khoi Vinh is the co-founder of Mixel, an innovative social collage app for the iPad, and the former design director of The New York Times. He has a background in illustration and art design, and he blogs at

Dan Kurani Dan Kurani, CEO, Thumb - Dan Kurani is the CEO and founder of Thumb, a popular opinion-based social network, formerly known as Opinionaided. He previously ran Kurani Interactive, where he helped Fortune 500 brands like Nike and Universal Studios develop their digital strategies. He is the author of The Honey Pot, a strategy book that helps brands use digital innovation to generate revenue.

Erica BergerErica Berger, Director Product Partnerships, Storyful - Erica heads up the Americas office for Storyful, which curates user-generated content for publishers like the New York Times and The Economist. Previously, she worked in editorial and new product development at the Economist, where she helped the company develop new iOS, digital, and web products. Erica continues to contribute to the Economist, as well as VentureBeat and other sites. She studied international relations and business at the University of Southern California.

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