The Innovation Complex: Cities, Tech, and the New Economy

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What is the innovation economy, and how does it shape the city?  Join us for a conversation with Sharon Zukin and Alby Bocanegra on The Innovation Complex, a book exploring the forces at work in the evolution of the urban tech economy.  Guided by progressive tech, startup culture, and green trends, alongside traditional drivers of real estate and transportation, this innovation ecosystem of growth depends on sustained government support and private investment in neighborhoods. What is at stake for people, space, culture, and cities? 

The event will be accompanied by an interactive warm-up and refreshments. 

The Innovation Complex: Cities, Tech, and the New Economy, by Sharon Zukin, (Oxford University Press, 2020) will be available for purchase. 

Alby Bocanegra, Founder & Chief Future Officer, The Urban Futurist, Inc.
Sharon Zukin, Professor Emerita of Sociology and of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY)

Special Guest Comments:
Claire Weisz, FAIA, Founding Partner, WXY
Andrew Rasiej, Founder, CEO at Civic Hall, Chairman Emeritus, NY Tech Alliance

Organized by:
AIANY Planning and Urban Design Committee; AIANY Social Science and Architecture Committee; Oculus Magazine
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