December Founders Spotlight with Dr. Eugenia Steingold

NY Tech Talks showcase incredibly talented founders and leaders in the NY tech community and beyond. Whether we look to fill an auditorium or a fireside setting, we love sitting down with each founder and engaging in a candid and intimate conversation.
We ask founders everything from what inspired them, the ups and downs of their journey as well as questions that enable attendees to know them on a personal level.

The Founder Spotlight, is a series within NY Tech Talks, focused on women founders. We know that women founders receive just 2% of early stage funding; the women at our events have gone against the odds to create transformative tech and dynamic
companies, including ones that support aging parents, use robotics in farming and reimagine the way we educate and prepare students for the future. We celebrate their success and look to them to inspire future women founders.


Dr. Eugenia Steingold, Chief Science Officer, Jelikalite.

On Wednesday, December 14, 12pm ET, we'll welcome Dr. Eugenia Steingold for our next founder spotlight! 

About Dr. Eugenia Steingold

Psychology is my life long passion.

In my Practice, I work with a variety of people.  I love helping people suffering from mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar), Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorders (people who have flashbacks and nightmares from a recent or distant traumatic experience), I also help couples and parents. 

I worked with a variety of population. I started my clinical practice by working with elderly people (including those who were dying), which helped me develop deep understanding of what is truly important in life. I worked with young children (starting 2 years old), which helped me develop deep understanding of the connection between our childhood and our adult lives (you are the baby you were, and your childhood continues to affect you even if you have forgotten parts of it or even all of it).  Presently, I work with adults, children and families focusing on coping with previous traumatic experience, uncovering potential for change and growth and self-acceptance. I studied Cognition (how people think and make decisions) in Princeton University, where I completed a doctoral program.

My main discovery in Princeton was that our thinking is almost always irrational (especially under stress) and our choices are almost never optimal and bring about best possible outcomes.  My thesis was specifically about that - how people are often irrational in their thinking and fail to make choices that are best for them. I did a series of experiments that demonstrated that point. Of course, I was not the only one. Many amazing scientists study limitations of human thinking and ways to overcome them, most notably Dr. Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, who pioneered that work.

I studied Child Development in Harvard University, where I completed my Postdoctoral Training. My main discovery in Harvard was that we come in this world equipped with a variety of tools and faculties and even innate knowledge that help us to learn, discover, and grow. Our potential is truly mind blowing!  

Before fancy schools like Princeton and Harvard I went State University of New York in Stony Brook.  My main discovery there was that I love people and their stories.  Nothing fascinates me more! And it is frustrating to me when people get stuck and their stories no longer develop in the best possible way. 

After I finished my schooling, I decided that I don't want to be a scientist but rather my true passion is helping people to get un-stuck.   My ultimate emotional reward is to see my clients breaking through their traumas and negative patterns. 

About Jelikalite

Autism is a serious developmental disease that lasts a lifetime. The rates of autism continue to rise, the cause of the disease remains unknown and there is no cure. We believe that children on the autism spectrum can lead fulfilling and productive lives. That is why JelikaLite is developing Cognilum, an integrative solution with focus on pediatric neurological health using non-invasive novel therapies. Cognilum will enable children to integrate into society, parents to receive a home-based personalized cost-effective treatment while having a better quality of life, therapists to track progress and efficacy of existing interventions, and both payors and government to spend less money on special education and lifelong residential care. Cognilum may provide benefits that may be difficult to measure with money alone, yet society will bear the ultimate expenses if nothing continues to be done about the millions of children with autism and other neurological disorders who are unable to integrate into society.


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