Can Bots Sell? Avoid These Pitfalls and Get Sales and Marketing Results

Bots have become a staple in the care organizations of some of the world’s biggest brands, providing superior customer service at scale. But bots are not just for customer care and cutting costs anymore. Now is the time to understand conversational AI's power to drive sales and marketing, transforming bots into revenue drivers for organizations.

Conversational AI experts Dhoreena Ventura and Chris Radanovic will share how LivePerson customers are using bots to boost sales & marketing — and the staggering results they’re realizing.

Our expert speakers will cover effective bot sales/marketing use cases, how to mobilize sales bots, key differences between using automation for care vs. for sales, and common pitfalls to avoid when developing a conversational AI selling / marketing strategy.

Harnessing the power of AI to provide exceptional customer experiences has made LivePerson a leader in the Conversational AI space.

Event Schedule (EDT Time Zone):

12:00 PM Getting settled and Zoom joining

12:05 PM Welcome back and kickoff!

12:10 PM Chris Radanovic, Conversational AI Expert & Dhoreena Ventura, Senior Product Marketing Manager - LivePerson

12:45 PM Final Q&A and Wrap-up


Speaker Bios:

Chris Radanovic, Conversational AI Expert, LivePerson

Chris has 10 years of experience building digital conversations. He has been helping brands harness automation, natural language understanding, and machine learning tools.

Dhoreena Ventura, Senior Product Marketing Manager, LivePerson

Dhoreena focuses on helping brands enhance end-to-end customer experience with AI as the key to finally delivering on the promise of personalization at scale. Prior to LivePerson, Dhoreena was a product marketing lead at Sizmek by Amazon.