Supply Chain Future - The Role of Corporations & Government


Eric Johnson, Senior Editor, Technology,

Lisa Morales-Hellebo, GP & Co-founder, REFASHIOND Ventures, Cofounder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, CEO & Co-founder of REFASHIOND OS

Supply Chain Future - The Role of Corporations & Government

COVID has been the catalyst that finally woke the world to the importance of our supply chains. Severe weather and increasing Climate Crises are amplifying the stakes for critical supply chains that impact our national security, health and safety, the ability to feed people and provide safe housing; and the importance of collaboration for human life to continue to exist on Earth.

What role do corporations and government need to play in the digitization, resiliency, sustainability, safety, and security of our future-ready supply chains?

Moderated Panel Discussion

  1. Peter Tirschwell, Vice President, IHS Market
  2. Christopher Mims, Tech Columnist, The Wall Street Journal; Author, Arriving Today - From Factory to Front Door - Why Everything Has Changed About How and What We Buy
  3. John Manners-Bell, Founder, Foundation for Future Supply Chain
  4. Deborah Dull, Founder, Circular Supply Chain Network