#TNYSCM33 – Book Talk: The Exponential Age - #SupplyChainTech Edition

About this Event - #TNYSCM33 will feature a #BookTalk with Azeem Azhar, author of The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society.

There are two ways to think of exponential technologies: first, they are technologies that benefit from Moore’s Law; and second, their positive performance characteristics increase exponentially, while the related costs of producing and adopting them in industrial and consumer applications decrease exponentially.

In this #BookTalk, we will discuss how these technologies affect supply chains since supply chains are affected by business, politics, and society. We will also discuss what Azeem has learned as he has observed the COVID-19 pandemic unfold while he was writing the book.

Space is limited, so sign up soon. Note that this event will be recorded and the video posted to our YouTube channel.

  • October 20, 2021 at 12:30pm – 1:30pm
  • Brian Aoaeh