Your First Venture Round: Fundraising Advice for Startups

At the early stage of venture investing, raw data is very hard to come by. Obviously! At that point, the company usually hasn’t gone to market yet in any real way. So at the time when many VCs are evaluating a startup for possible investment, qualitative evaluations dwarf quantitative ones.

When you’re in the beginning stages of your startup, it could be challenging to raise your pre-seed or seed round that will help you get your startup off the ground.

At the early-stages, it will be hard to have enough data or even a product to show investors, so what exactly should you be pitching when you’re raising? 

To learn more about what early-stage investors look for, we’re excited to chat with Andrew Gluck, founder of irrvrnt, where he invests in DTC, adtech/martech, and next-gen commerce companies. He’s an early investor in Lunchbox, Haus, Caraway, and more. 

Join us as we chat about

  • What makes startups/founders interesting to him
  • How founders should decide how much to raise
  • How to pitch an early-stage startup
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls in fundraising
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