Subscription Models: Lessons & Tactics

The subscription business model may predominantly be known for modern software, but it is also a very powerful strategy for commerce and DTC startups. As paid acquisition becomes more competitive and more expensive, companies that have subscription revenue can find themselves in more advantageous positions than others.

To learn more about subscription DTC, join us on October 15th as we chat with Mariya Nurislamova, co-founder of Scentbird a perfume subscription company backed by Goodwater Capital, Y Combinator, Funders Club, and 500 Startups.

Scentbird also operates two beauty brands – Deck of Scarlet, a makeup brand focusing on clean, vegan ingredients, and Confessions of a Rebel, a DTC fragrance brand.

We’re going to discuss what Mariya has learned from building several subscription DTC businesses, and dive into things like

  • How to convert purchasers to go onto a recurring plan
  • Ways to build a competitive moat using your subscription products
  • Ways you can increase your CLTV
  • Challenges building a subscription DTC startup
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