Startup Success: VC Perspectives from the Boardroom

As your startup grows, your board will grow as well. Building and managing your board is an important part of growing your startup.

A well made board will help guide you through major decisions, such as hiring and firing senior leaders, and offering guidance on strategic decisions.

Board meetings could be intimidating to early-stage entrepreneurs, as you put yourself out to people who have a meaningful stake in your company. But you’ll have to learn how to best manage your board, your meetings, and understand how venture capital will affect your board composition.

To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Wendy Xiao Schadeck, Principal at Northzone, a venture capital firm that’s invested in companies like Klarna and Spring Health.

Wendy is an active board member or observer for Spring Health, Livepeer, 3Box, and OpenZeppelin.

Join us as we learn about Wendy’s experience investing in startups and being an active board member, and other takeaways on fundraising for your startup journey.

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