Social Media & User-Generated Content: Marketing Strategies for Startups

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most trusted and influential content marketers and founders can get. Customers trust recommendations from their peers more than they do from ads, meaning that a well thought out UGC strategy can be much more cost-effective than other paid social campaigns.

But as a founder, how do you build your social media strategy and build a product that makes people want to share it online? What are ways you can encourage people to share your product?

To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Danielle Sobel, Founder & CEO of Dandy, a DTC pet wellness brand.

We’re going to dive into:

  • Why a good social media & UGC strategy is important and how to use it

  • Key metrics to track

  • Tips to encourage your audiences to create more UGC about your brand

  • How to build an effective social media & UGC strategy

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