Sales Strategies for Startups: Turning Objections Into Opportunities

When selling your product, you’ll come across many rejections from customers. However, from learning about why your prospects are saying “no”, you’ll be able to tailor your sales strategy to address those fears to them, or for others in the future.

To dive into some sales best practices, as well as ways you can turn objections into opportunities, we’re excited to chat with Brian Trautschold, Co-founder & COO of Ambition, a sales management platform that combines sales management and gamification with powerful analytics.

Ambition is used by top sales teams at companies like Outreach, DocuSign, and Pendo.

Join us as we dive into

  • How Brian has grown Ambition

  • How their sales process has changed through the years

  • Hiring your first salesperson & growing a sales team

  • Best practices for B2B sales

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