Rise of the Interiential Economy

On June 23rd we’re speaking with Abigail Cook Stone, Co-founder & CEO of Otherland, a direct-to-consumer candle brand that transforms your home into an expressive world. Their luxury-quality candles have been featured in Business Insider, Fortune, People, and BuzzFeed.

Join us at 10 am as we discuss the rise of the interiential (interior + experiential) economy. Many brands are creating a new vision of home, when home is our everything… it’s your gym via MIRROR and Peloton; it’s your restaurant via Freshly and Great Jones; it’s your bar via Haus and Minibar. Brands are now shifting their focus and thinking about how they can provide value within your home, and Otherland is at the heart of it.

We’ll dive into what it means to create meaningful experiences for your customers, and how you can do it with your product.

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