Product Marketing: Tactics & Techniques for Startups

On July 14th we’re speaking with Jon Chang, Head of Growth, US at Klarna, about product marketing. Klarna is an e-commerce payment solutions platform for merchants and shoppers, and raised $460 million at a $5.5 billion valuation last year.

Join us at 10 am as we discuss product marketing. For those new to the term, you may be thinking “What is it?” It’s how developers know what features to add or remove in the next versions of their product. It’s how marketers know how to best position, message, and price their product. It’s how sales teams are enabled to close more deals by better understanding their product and how to sell it.

For early-stage founders, there’s a lot in common (and a lot to learn) from product marketers. With a well-crafted product marketing strategy, early-stage startups can create products that are delightful for their users, drive more conversions, and keep existing customers from churning.

We’ll dive into all this and more on July 14th!

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