Product Management at Early-Stage Startups

As an early-stage founder, product manager is one of the many hats you’ll wear, and at times it will be the most important.

With good product management skills, you’ll be able to make the best decisions on the directions you should take your product, new features/products to launch, and ways you’ll measure success as you bring your product to market.

To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Matt Hamilton, VP of Product at Novo, the operating system for businesses through powerfully simple technology and the most personalized service in banking.

Prior to Novo, Matt was the VP of Product at Stash.

Join us as we discuss

  • What it takes to bring a product from MVP to launch

  • Best practices for product management and development

  • How to prioritize features and build your product roadmap

  • How to measure success for your products, and iterate on them

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