Partnership Marketing: What Founders Need to Know

Building partnerships with other businesses is a great way to expand your brand and grow your startup. Partnership marketing is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool you can use to break into new audiences, build your brand identity, and deliver value to your existing audience.

What is partnership marketing? It’s working together with one or more businesses to help co-promote your products to your audiences. It can take many forms as well! Whether it’s product bundling, giveaways, or even just a simple share-for-share.

Brands like Casper, Supreme, General Assembly, Nike, Product Hunt, and theSkimm have all used partnership marketing as a marketing channel to help them grow.

So how should an early-stage founder approach partnership marketing? How do you find brands to work with and what kind of assets can you bring to the table?

To learn more about this, we’re excited to chat with Alex Song, Co-founder & CEO of DojoMojo, a partnership marketing platform.

We’ll dive into how you can build an effective partnership marketing plan, why you should consider it, tools you can use, and best practices for success.

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