How to Win More Deals in Q4

With the year closing off, now could be a stressful time for both founders and salespeople as they try to close deals leading up to and during the holiday season.

You may find that strategies you use earlier in the year will not work at the end of the year, so what should you do to help close existing pipeline, further develop leads, or build relationships for a strong Q1 start?

To learn more about ways you can win more deals in Q4, we’re excited to host Meghann Misiak, Sales Strategist, Coach, & Trainer for B2B Sales Teams.

Meghann is currently a consultant where she helps startups with mid-funnel sales strategies, ranging from discovery through negotiation.

Prior to this, she was the Associate Director of Go-To-Market Training at Movable Ink where she built 3 training programs from the ground-up that helped them achieve record amounts of bookings and closed deals.

Join us as we learn about some of her favorite sales strategies, and ways you can win more deals now!

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