How to Run a Fundraising Process

For many early-stage founders, fundraising is a hard and difficult process because they may not know or understand how to connect with investors, what makes them interested in certain companies, or what signs investors look for in companies to see growth.

You can make fundraising much faster when you learn what exactly investors are looking for, and strategically build and grow your startup to show those signs, making your conversations with VCs much better.

To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Harlan Milkove, Founder of Foundational, where he helps startups with early-stage fundraising challenges. He also co-founded Reonomy, a commercial real estate platform that has raised $125M+ in venture capital.

Join us as we discuss

  • What investors look for
  • How to know that your startup is readdy for fundraising
  • Creating signals that are appealing to investors
  • What is traction science and how it can help you fundraise
  • Tactics on closing faster
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