How to Get Your First $1 Million in Sales

As an early-stage founder, one of the most important roles and skills you’ll need to develop is sales.

Without a thoughtful approach to your sales plan and process, you’ll find it hard to engage your prospects, build your pipeline, and hire a sales team.

These are all rings on the ladder to help you reach increasing revenue goals, so that one day you’ll find yourself doing millions in ARR after starting at zero.

To dive into ways you can go from your first sales, to your first 10, to 100, we’re excited to chat with Scott Sambucci, Founder & CEO of SalesQualia, a sales coaching company that helps B2B startups grow sales faster.

Join us as we discuss ways you get your first $1 million in sales as an early-stage B2B startup, with plenty of time for audience questions as well!

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