How to Find a Co-founder

On July 9th, we’re speaking with Philip Camilleri, Founder of FoundersList, about how to find a co-founder for your startup. FoundersList is a place for founders to connect, launch ideas/products, find recommended professionals/service-providers, events, co-founders and more.
Join us at 10 am as we dive into how you can find a co-founder — we’ll discuss how people use FoundersList to find potential cofounders, and how Philip met his cofounder for SmartAsset (YC S12) online.

Philip has over 20 years experience working in tech and startups. He was most recently co-founder and CTO at SmartAsset, a YCombinator company launched in 2011, that raised over $50M in VC funding, and scaled to over 70M visitors/month. He is now building, a place for founders to connect and find services and professionals, recommended by other trusted founders. Philip was born and raised in Malta, but has been living in the USA for the past 15 years.

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