How To Build In Vice Industries: A VC Perspective

Startups building in “vice” (or “bad”) industries like cannabis, sextech, alcohol, and gambling, have been on the rise recently, and not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. Entrepreneurs and investors have been interested in these industries as they are recession-proof, and as regulations and laws begin to loosen up across states.

However, many still avoid it because of regulatory challenges, and because of stigmas associated with their industries. Building a company is already challenging without adding the complexities of navigating regulatory laws, marketing challenges, and more.

To learn more about what it’s like to build in “bad” industries, we’re excited to chat with Catharine Dockery, Founding Partner of Vice Ventures, a venture fund investing in early-stage vice companies. Catharine has invested in startups like Plant People, Player’s Lounge, and Maude.

Join us as we discuss best practices for building a vice company, and what she looks for in potential investments.

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