Getting Into Holiday Gift Guides: A Practical Workshop for Founders

As we close out September and approach the end of the year, everyone should be getting ready for the hectic holiday season.

Typically around this time, many publications do product lists that roundup items readers may want to know about (think articles like “best gift ideas for 2020”, “top gifts for dads this season”, etc.).

If you can get your company featured in one of these gift guides, you’ll add a lot of credibility to your brand, while also fueling sales for your company.

The competition is stiff, so you’ll want to make sure you’re reaching out to the right people, and you have nailed your pitch.

To learn about how you can get featured in gift guides, we’re excited to have Marni Bahnuik, Executive VP for the Consumer Division of Resound Marketing, an NJBiz Top 20 PR agency.

Join us as we learn about ways to pitch your product so you can have the best chances of securing gift guide spots!

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