Finding Strategic Investors

Fundraising is one of the hardest challenges a founder will face when building a startup. For many, it’s a necessary step in reaching the next level of company growth.

While many founders may be looking to meet as many VCs and investors as they can, it’s important that they consider the role that those investors will play in their startup journey.

Recently, we’ve seen many startups raise not just from traditional VC, but from angels and funds that offer more than just cash, but also experience. These “strategic investors” add so much value to their portfolio companies because of aligned goals and expertise. Most of the time these investors are previous founders or operators that could help solve issues you will come across as you grow.

But finding these investors/operators and building those relationships is hard if you don’t have the network or know where to look.

On June 21st we’re going to discuss how you can find strategic investors and why they should be a focus for you as you start your fundraising journey.

Join us at 10 am as we sit down with Sree Kolli, Co-founder of Conduit, and Aubrie Pagamo is a Partner, Operator and Investor at Corigin Ventures and dive into:

  • Why it’s smart to find operators turned angels/VCs as investors in your org
  • What could make pitching to these types of investors different than other funds
  • Why operators turn VC

We’ll also do audience Q&A after the conversation!