Finding Manufacturers and Understanding Supply Chains

If you’re about to launch an e-commerce business, one of the first things you’ll need to figure out is your supply chain. Who are your manufacturers? Where do you find them? Who’s distributing your product? 

And if you have your product out, as your business grows, you may still find yourself with the same questions as you look for new manufacturers, or solutions to increasingly complex supply chain. 

Join us on July 27th as we chat with Yossi Nasser, CEO of Gelmart (a manufacturing supplier that has private label accounts with Walmart, and launched brands like Primark and Lively), as he gives us an inside perspective on how you should choose manufacturers, and other details about supply chains. 

We’ll discuss manufacturing and supply chains as a whole, and certain challenges and opportunities that arise when it’s focused on fashion and clothing. 


About our guest

Gelmart is a 68-year old manufacturing supplier with a proven track record producing industry disrupting garments like the $3.98 bra that sold in Walmart winning them the Walmart Vendor of the Year title in 2001, and also co-founders / incubator of Lively which launched in 2016 and sold to Wacoal for $100M in 2019.

Gelmart’s CEO, Yossi Nasser took the helm in 2009 and has since grown the company 7x, around 65% YoY growth since he took charge, completely turning the company around with growing their private label accounts with Walmart, launch of Primark, LIVELY and licensee’s for French Connection and more. Today the company is worth north of $100M with a privately owned factory in the Philippines giving them a leg up due to their vertical supply chain.

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