Disrupting DTC: Lessons from Launching Italic

When direct-to-consumer brands initially launched, their initial value proposition was access to quality products by cutting out the middleman.

While disruptive at the time, we’re now seeing that many DTC brands may have disrupted things a bit, but there are still significant changes that can happen to retail and commerce. DTC companies can now be seen as the “middleman” they were initially removing, while leaving small margins to their manufacturers, and marked up prices to their customers.

To get a better idea of where the future of DTC and commerce can go, we’re excited to chat with Jeremy Cai, Founder & CEO of Italic, a membership offering quality goods at cost.

Italic has partnered with manufacturers of the world’s top brands on a product line that sells items at cost. To get the products, consumers pay a membership fee (similar to the Costco model).

Join us at 10 am as we dive into

  • Current challenges and opportunities in DTC and commerce
  • Jeremy’s lessons from building a DTC brand
  • Advice on using a membership model
  • How he’s built relationships with manufacturers
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