Crowdfunding Your Startup: Advice for Founders

Many investors and founders advise you should build your business without venture capital if you can. They warn that the VC path intensifies both success and failures, accelerating you into an outcome of acquisition/IPO (in rare cases) or bust (more typical).

For entrepreneurs seeking outside capital, a relatively new way to fund your startup is crowdfunding. Platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Republic, and iFundWomen, have made it easy for people to back cool companies and products, and for founders to try out a new channel to get funding, if VC didn’t work for them or if they’re trying to avoid it.

To learn more about crowdfunding campaigns and what you as an early-stage founder should know about it, we’re excited to chat with Cheryl Campos, Director of Growth & Partnerships at Republic. Republic is an investment platform that enables anyone to invest in startups.

Join us on August 6th as we discuss

  • What crowdfunding is
  • Why you should consider crowdfunding your startup
  • Best practices for running a successful crowdfunding campaign
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