Creating Your Launch Plan

Every founder will face this problem: you’ve built your product, and now it’s time to launch but it’s hard to get the word out.

It’s a tough problem since your launch day is a special moment, so it’s important to plan it well to get the most impact out of it.

A good launch plan will help you get in front of your target market, build some buzz around your brand, and maybe even get some press.

To learn more about planning your startup launch, we’re excited to chat with Nick Gavronsky, Co-founder & CEO of Welcome, a new offer management and closing platform for HR teams.

Prior to Welcome, Nick was also the Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Trade Coffee, the Director of Product at Slice, and a Sr. Product Manager at Betterment.

Join us as we dive into Nick’s playbook for launching new companies, products, and more!

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