Creating Your Brand Voice

Beyond logos, colors, and fonts, an important (and maybe, the most important) thing to consider is your brand voice. Through the words you share on social media, in press releases, in blog posts and more, a consistent brand experience lies in your brand voice.

For early-stage founders, identifying your brand voice, and understanding how you can use it to grow your startup could be really tough. But for those that master it, they’ll be able to position themselves better against their competitors, and resonate more with their target audience.

To help us understand how to create your brand voice, we’re going to chat with Leah Fessler, Head of Editorial and Brand Voice at Chief, the private network for executive women.

Prior to Chief, Leah served as the lead gender reporter at Quartz, and worked in venture capital for Slow Ventures and Jane VC. She’s an angel investor in Ethel’s Club, Haus, and A Kid’s Book About.

Join us on August 4th at 10 am as we dive into how you can create your brand voice and use it as a tool to grow your business.

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