Creating Personalized Shopping Experiences

Nowadays, entrepreneurs and marketers need to get very creative with how they engage customers. You’ll need to use every trick in the book to convert them and increase your average order values.

Many startups do this by creating engaging content that builds awareness and pushes customers to learn more about the brand.

The best way to engage customers is to create personalized shopping experiences, and one of the most effective tactics is to use quizzes.

Using quizzes not only helps you best recommend items to your customers, it helps you capture their email, increases time on site, and can up your average order value.

To learn more about how to use quizzes as a growth tactic, we’re excited to chat with Ben Parr President and Co-founder of Octane AI, the #1 conversational sales assistant for e-commerce brands.

Join us as we chat about e-commerce growth strategies, best practices for setting up quizzes, and how to use them effectively!

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