Building Your Newsletter Strategy

Email marketing is a powerful strategy many founders should use when growing their startups.

One of the most common, and important uses of email marketing is the newsletter. When done well, it’s affordable, drives traffic to your website, increases sales, and engages with your customers.

However, the inbox is crowded! It can be hard to get your open and click rates up, or really figuring out how to make a newsletter work for your business.

That’s why we’re excited to speak with Ranjan Roy, Founder & CEO of The Edge Group, a content strategy and newsletter company. Ranjan also runs the Margins newsletter with Can Duruk.

Whether you’re seeking to grow your newsletter audience or improve engagement, we’re going to cover what you need to implement the right strategy.

We’ll cover

  • Creating your newsletter
  • Planning your content
  • Fitting your email marketing in with your broader company objectives
  • Establishing goals and objectives for your newsletter
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