Becoming a Thought Leader

Thought leadership can transform your personal and company brand and elevate your startup to new heights through credibility and exposure.

It’s often a focus for many entrepreneurs as they build their startups — but becoming a trusted and well-known thought leader is hard and could take a lot of time.

Many become thought leaders by writing blogs, newsletters, and books. These are all ways to build your credibility and influence with your audience.

But another way to really build up your influence and cement yourself as a thought leader is by speaking at events.

For many entrepreneurs, they may find it even harder to book a speaking engagement than it is to secure a press mention. For those that are looking for ways to expand their reach and become thought leaders, join us on July 28th as we chat with Caitlin Bart, Founder and CEO of a boutique PR agency, cred. cred focuses solely on building thought leadership through events and has worked with 200+ brands like Pinterest, Flexport and more.

We’ll discuss how you can use events to boost your brand, and how to secure speaking engagements (both digitally and IRL when those are allowed again!).

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