Navigating COVID-19 Legislation and Your Business - Find out the Latest Changes This Week!

Are you a business owner or operator? Want the latest information about COVID-19 legislation and how it impacts your business?

Each week hundreds of attendees show up to our webinar series on Navigating HR and Financial Aspects of COVID-19 Legislation….

Don’t miss out on part 5 of this webinar series! Join us as we continue the highly informative discussion regarding the Financial and HR impacts of the and Economic Security (CARES) act and PPP Loan Forgiveness.

What we’ll cover:

– An overview of the newly enacted CARES legislation and its impact on business.

– Information on dealing with the HR implications of the legislation.

– Best practices around operating your business in a downturn.

– Answer questions on strategies to re-start business and Rise out of the crisis.


The facilitators for this webinar will be PuzzleHR’s Co-Founder and President; Chris Timol and Vice President of HR Operations; Marion Hawkins.

Webinar: COVID-19 Legislation and Your Business, Continued (part 5) — by PuzzleHR

Date: Thursday, Apr 23, 2020 3:00 PM ET  

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