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We are always on the lookout for amazing technology!

Interested in demoing at NY Tech Meetup? Complete the quick application form below, but first, take a moment to read a little about how we choose our onstage demos.

Each month we receive dozens of applications and requests to demo, and each month we research, meet and are pitched by some of the most innovative people in New York City and around the world. It makes our job very tough and the final decision about which products we put on stage is always difficult. Although there is no set formula, we do often ask the below questions:

  • Is the product technically interesting and innovative?
  • Will the product make a good live demo?
  • Does the product provide a unique solution to the problem it solves?
  • Is the presenter/company an active member of the NYTM community?
  • Is the product being created in NYC? If not, is there a presence in NYC?
  • What is the presenter's goal by demoing at NY Tech Meetup?
  • Will the product be ready and accessible to our attendees by the date of the meetup?
  • Is this a product launch?
  • Will our audience be engaged?

One question that is not a factor is "WHAT IS THE BUSINESS MODEL?" We may ask the questions during our screening process to get a deeper insight into the company structure and product implementations, but it truly is not a factor in our decision. Many of our demos have no business model and it is a question that is strongly discouraged during our live Q&A. We really feel that what matters to our audience is the unique and innovative way the product is influencing the world and it truly boils down to how amazing the technology is!

Now show us what amazing things you are doing and submit your application to present below: