Building Successful Partnerships with the “Good Guys” to Close the Gap on Gender Equality

Learn tips from two leading women in tech and media on how to succeed in a predominately male community. Focus is on sharing obstacles to success and proven solutions for overcoming common roadblocks that many minorities face and secret tools and tips to advance your idea, business and build partnerships and pathways to success.

One of our speakers is author of "Elephant in the Valley," a collection of over 600 female voices from media and tech community which was presented at SouthbySouthWest, SXSW.

At this virtual event you'll:

  • Learn statistics, facts, and tips around what, how, and why some of these roadblocks are not only critically important, game-changing, but also “fixable,” with the right partnering skills,
  • Hear the bi-coastal perspectives of Drs. Michele Madansky and Ashlyn Gentry who have worked with: Disney, Pinterest, Spotify, Palantir, Microsoft, Hill & Knowlton, Grey Interactive, and Yahoo on the challenges and triumphs of navigating with the male-dominated cultures in tech and media, and
  • Receive an end-of-program, handy takeaway one-pager to share with others to help bring awareness to the challenges women face, and serve as a conversation starter with colleagues, friends, and family about this productive but sensitive topic.
       Who should attend:
  • Investors: Any corporate, private equity, or venture capital investor looking to enlarge their growth mindset and wallet.
  • Human Resources Management: Executive management teams, especially human resource leaders and chief diversity officers.
  • Executives: Established and emerging male and female executives in the corporate, private, or social sectors looking to expand their network, partnerships, influence, and business impact.
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