Data Science in Compliance & Fraud Detection

We have a special Bots and AI NYC joint event with the Dataiku meetup hosted at BrightTalk.

Data Science is an emerging function in a variety of industries and a greater number of data scientists have begun working on personalization, recommendations, or sales optimizations.

The cost of compliance has also been expanding in most industries and especially in the technology sector. This is a result of the Public’s attention shift from traditional frauds to antitrust, conflict of interest, and data privacy. While there are plenty of opportunities to leverage DS/ML to solve such

problems, the complex nature of such compliance and fraud detection issues stymies data practitioners from being able to grow the data science practice. The “language barrier” of communication between the company’s DS/business/compliance appears to hide the low hanging fruits.

In this talk, Harry will share his experience in connecting data science with compliance, examples of the DS/ML use cases, and key takeaways for our two groups of the audience (Data Scientists and Business Stakeholders.)

  • Hidden Data Science Opportunity in Compliance and Finance
  • Career Journey: from a fraud investigator to a data scientist
  • Opportunities that often get overlooked in compliance/fraud functions
  • How to speak two languages: recommendations on connecting data science resources with compliance business